5 Reasons You Need to Change You Old Sewing Machine


Sewing machines have been produced in a massive way by a lot of companies internationally. These old devices are exclusively produced even during the very old times.

There are loveliness and attractive look that adds charm to consumers who needs to purchase high quality sewing machine instruments. There are the diversity of styles and designs for you to select from.

These devices are not just for people who desires to put up a shop but also for people who just want to gather sewing machines.

During the ancient times, the variety of devices under this kind has created with the high quality of workmanship compared to sew machines that have been mass produced.

Even in current modern age Sewing machine is part of every home. But after an extended usages Sewing machine either need repairing or replacement.

There are many situations when you need to replace your old Sewing machine with the new one. A few of reasons are explained below:

Sewing Machine Is Skipping Stitches

Skipped stitches when you are in the midst of sewing are in fact very frustrating, particularly when they happen on highly visible topstitching. If you found that this happens again and again with you and the expert also not able to solve the problem, then your machine need to be the replacement.

Sewing Machine Thread Is Tangling, Bunching, or Breaking

Having the thread not help as intended is a problem that can guide to stress in the middle of those who sew. In that condition, it is better to buy the new machine and recycle the old one.


Mechanical Noises and Maintenance

If the sewing machine is making unusual noises, such as crush or banging, the engine parts may be stuck or in require of cleaning or maintenance.

Do not make use of the machine when it is operating this means, and turn off power to the device previous to inspecting the issue. Fur buildup will happen because of the constant use of fabric and thread.

Clean hair and other remains out of the machine using a brush. If after cleaning it is not working smoothly then it is suggested to replace the sew machine.

Stitching is bad or tangles up:

Machine need to be replacement when

  1. Poor thread quality or tie in the thread.
  2. The thread is enfolded around spool spindle.
  3. Mud lint, or thread in the bobbin case.
  4. Bent the needles.
  5. Needle in backwards or not pressed up all the way into needle clamp.
  6. Bent bobbin overfilled or unequally filled the bobbin.

Needle breaks:

Problems with the needle that cause the replacement of machine

  • The needle is in needle clamp too low, or needle is in backwards.
  • Needle too all right for thick fabric.
  • Top tension is too tight, or cotton wrapped around something. The needle may be in slackly.
  • The operator pulls fabric ahead of the feed dogs and causes the needle to hit the needle plate.
  • The fabric is too thick and too heavy for your machine.

So once you find that your old machine needs to be replacement do some market research and find the best machine for your usages that will go long for you.

Why You Should Change Your Old Running Shoes? 5 Reasons

Old running shoes feel comfortable to your feet but with time they tend to put your feet in difficulty. Usually, people like to use old shoes as long as they can and tend to ignore the obvious warnings that they should be replaced. As midsole of the running footwear breaks down, people still use it as it still looks good from the outside, even though midsoles are responsible for providing comfort to your feet.

Change Your Old Running Shoes

Running shoes should only be used for four hundred to five hundred miles, or you will face the consequences, and some of them are:

Losing Shock Absorbent Ability

Midsoles of most running shoes have an ability to absorb shock which is made when your feet make an impact with the ground during your running session. With time their shock-absorbent features become weak, and if shoes are not replaced, you can suffer from injuries such as shin splints which will hinder your training session. Running shoes loses about twenty-five percent of their cushioning effect after being put into use for fifty miles. Furthermore, it drops thirty-five percent of their cushioning abilities after 150 miles.

Losing Traction

Bottom of the outsoles of running shoes comes with a design which provides stability and support on different surfaces. The bottom of the outsoles provides balance during your running, so you don’t trip during your running session. Whether you run on pavement or climb a hill, these shoes will give you best support but with time they lose their ability. The rubber of outsole bottom disappears and shoes lose the capacity to provide you with the best support, and you will easily lose your balance and can get serious back and foot injuries.

Losing Shape

A perfect running shoe will snug your feet and won’t feel too loose or tight. Shoes that fit your feet perfectly will let your feet move in any direction and won’t let you fall but with time shoes lose their ability to grip your feet. With time shoes lose their perfect shape and become too loose for your feet. Furthermore, they with losing their shape, they also lose their good looks and make your feet look bad.

Losing Mesh Upper

Mesh Upper provides ventilation to your feet and prevents your feet getting affect by bacteria and fungus. With time, mesh upper develops more holes or their holes increase in size. This will make your shoes lose their water resistant abilities. You can no longer wear these shoes on a rainy day as they will easily allow water to enter into shoes.

Losing Comfort

As midsoles of running shoe breakdown after being continuously used, so it makes it difficult for midsole to provide comfort to your feet. It will only cause irritation to your feet and will only make them uncomfortable. Once comfortable midsoles will become the main culprit for causing blisters on your feet making it difficult for you to even take a walk.

The primary job of running shoes is to make sure your feet does not suffer from your running. Even most of the shoes come with strong structure, but they are not immortal. Shoes should immediately be replaced when you feel like they are not performing like they used to.