How to size a Bike

Sizing a bike is an unenviable task. In addition to the grueling steps, you’ve to follow while sizing a bike, the danger which a wrongly sized bike creates for a rider also keep you in check. Had you decided to go for an over-sized bike, it would deprive you of the most important safety feature: your feet. Since they will be no longer able to touch the ground, your feet might not come to your help in time of need.

How to size a Bike

Furthermore, had you gone the exact opposite – i.e. for an undersized bike, it would force your knees to bend when pedaling. Consequently, joint pains will become the norm.

Hence, as evident from the two unwanted scenarios mentioned above, it is crucial that you correctly size your bike. Thanks to these reasons, and many others, we have decided to teach cycling enthusiasts on how to size a bike.

Step # 1: Choose Frame Type:

If you’ve gone for a road bike, there are two frame types there: C-C and C-T. However, if you’ve opted for a mountain bikes, frame types come in aluminum, steel, and carbon.

Regardless of the type of bike you’ve chosen, make sure that your feet touch the ground while being seated on the seat post. In case they don’t go for a smaller bike. Also, if the heels of your feet are touching the ground, go for a larger bike.

Thus, while you could select the frame type of your choice, it is imperative you follow the above guidelines afterward.

Step # 2: Measuring the Inseam

In order to measure your inseam, stand in front of a wall with your back touching it. Now, place a book between both your legs in your crotch. Finally, ask someone to measure the distance from the top of the book to the ground. This is your inseam.

Step #3: Measure your height

Imagining that you’re doing all these steps in one go, take out the book from between your legs. Now, without wearing any shoes, stand upright with your back against the wall. Again, ask someone to measure the distance from the top of your head to the ground.

Note: If you want to save yourself from egregious calculations in front of a shopkeeper, make sure that you’ve measured your height in inches.

Step # 4: Calculate the frame size

If you’ve gone for a mountain bike, calculating the frame size isn’t imperative. However, in the case of a best cruiser bikes, it could make a world of difference.

Provided that you’ve gone for a C-C type of frame on a cheap road bikes, multiply your inseam with 0.65 to get the frame size. For a C-T type frame, multiply it with 0.67. Although trivial, you SHOULD take this difference into account to get a comfortable road bike.

Step # 5: Measurement of Total Reach

Unlike the above-mentioned steps – all of whom are crucial to you landing a perfectly sized bike, this step is more dedicated to your comfort level. Hence, while I don’t recommend it, you could skip this step if you feel like it.

To measure the total reach of your hands, spread them in the horizontal direction. As you might guess, ask someone (AGAIN!) to measure the distance from the tip of one hand to the same of the other. For future calculations, note down this measurement as A.

Secondly, go back to STEP 2 and repeat its first part. This time, however, your accomplice would measure the distance from the bottom of the book to your shoulder height. Note down this measurement as B.

Now, applying the following formula, you’d get your total reach.

Total Reach of Your hands = A + B / 2

Step # 6: Go for the bike of “your” choice

Using the above-mentioned measurements, go to a bike shop and get the bike of your dreams. While your choice is also crucial, don’t forget that these measurements are equally important. Good luck.

What Things Keep In Mind Before Buy Best Wood Router ?

A wood router allows you to work many woodworking features. You can even cut pieces of paneling, so they fit other pieces with a wood router.

Wood Router

If you are a DIY carpenter who wants to start doing a complicated wood project like those in kitchen cabinets, you need an innovative, easy-to-use Best wood router to take care of the fundamentals. Whether you are working with wood or ply board, your wood project requires a wood router to start with.

Here are some of the main reasons that make the best wood router and these might persuade you or better yet, strength your decision to get one.

Things To Consider About Best Wood Router

Cost effective:

Buying a wood router is more economical at the end of the day. If you are a home repair fanatic, it is more efficient to buy one than seek the services of one whenever you need to do some maintenance or remodeling. As a professional cabinetmaker or carpenter, having one is a big investment. It would pay for itself, as you would use it to earn.

Many features:

You can trim, cut and shape wood with your wood router. Besides, you can create different designs on wood with a wood router. All you have to do is modify bits. You can laminate and make panels and more with just this one tool.


Having the right tool for the job is significant. You cannot always get away with using a drill for projects that are designed only for a wood router. It would save your time, effort and stress of controlling if you use a wood router for many of your woodworking projects.


The durability of your wood router relies on its accessories materials. The best wood routers are the ones with all steel transmitting and mineral magnesium equipment real estate. They tend to go a longer period than those without.


Most wood routers have motors calculated in horsepower. Standard wood routers are ranked from 1.5 hp. Based on your work; go for wood routers with horsepower above two hp. They work with high-quality work without breaking down.


The ability to differ the speed of your woodworking wood router according to the process at hand is the key point. Go for routers that come with varying speed control. This will provide you with better versatility in use.


Most manufacturers add the word “ergonomic design” for every type of product. What you really should find the best and quality wood router is its weight, grip, and vibrations. Most of the famous brands of wood router have the grip/handle very smooth. In addition, these wood routers do not have the snazzy jerk off your hands with its vibrations.

Soft Start:

This is another essential aspect, which makes the router best. The motor in your wood router generates massive amounts of twisting, a smooth start. A smooth start indicates your motor progressively starts up. This indicates a lost workpiece would not be damaged.


As we always say, the warranty is also one of the most important factors to make the wood router best.  Good brands provide the longer period warranty so that you use the wood routers for a long time and save more money in the long period. This is because you can change parts for free or at a lower price under warranty.

Is ceramic cookware safe for health?

With the wide variety of cookware to select from, buying one is no simple task. Evaluating appearance, strength, servicing as well as value-for-money and your budget, is not enough these days. As we know that everyone is very conscious about his health and more experienced about all types of health matters, modern culinary experts would like to know about components their cookware is made of and whether it will affect their health.

ceramic cookware

How secure are the non stick cookware, cast-iron,the hard-anodized non-stick cookwareor even stainless steel cookware? Will components leach into the foodstuff while cooking and affect our health?

Even if you are not too concerned about the long lasting wellness effects of cooking with standard non-stick Teflon and Steel cookware, you may just want the fundamental satisfaction to know that the foodstuff you are preparing for yourself, your family, and your friends is free of unpleasant substances from your cookware. This is one of the many reasons why more and more people are turning to ceramic cookware and enameled cookware as practical options to the cookware everyone uses these days.

How Ceramic Cookware Safe?

Ceramic cookware is either ceramic or includes a metallic body system protected in an enameled. Usually, a pottery enameled that is the product of dissolved cup powdered. Best Ceramic cookware is an excellent choice for many culinary experts and beginner culinary experts as well because it is very light and portable, especially when compared to metal. Cheap ceramics and older ceramic cookware often split or damaged after large use, particularly after being heated for extended times at great temperature ranges. New ceramic procedures make this a non-issue, and many contemporary ceramic cookware lines are very proof to cracking and breaking, such as Xtreme Ceramcor and Emile Gretchen cookware.

Glass ceramic ware, can maintain heat very well. It is secure for use in the microwave and has no problem enduring extreme changes in heat range. Hard ceramic cookware, with its sleek finish, is easy to clean and if manufactured following tight and effective production handles, can block dripping of cause onto meals. It can be heated to a fair heat. If saving meals in ceramic ware results in chalky grayish remains on the glaze, then this shows substandard quality and it is better not to use it for further cooking reasons, to avoid taking in a lead together with the foodstuff.

Enamel cookware is another option. This ceramic cookware includes of enameled cookware, which is protected in a pottery coating. Though one’s is metal, the surface is ceramic and is incredibly durable. While they may be large, you get a good mixture of the efficiency of both ceramics and enamel.

They are safe choices. Health issues about using ceramic and enameled originate from elements used in making the kitchenware, such as cadmium. In the U.S. both of these extremely harmful ingredients have been removed, or at least restricted in kitchenware production. So, you can use ceramic cookware without any hazard and risk of your health issues, as we find in all other pots and pans made by different substances use toxic gasses and chemical.

How to Safety Check Your Bike

If you buy any other machine, you check its safety and durability. Same like this when you choose your best mountain bike under 1000 you must work for the better and the long lasting with the proper care and durability. What you bring with you is in need of on how long you strategy to ride, where will going for awalk and if you are going for riding with others.

Safety Check Your Bike

You must rugged with the mountain bike with the nearest community. As safety precautions, you must take with safety kit and go out for the ride with your friends. For the preparation of your safety, you must take with the best Mountain bike helmet before you head out on the road on the trail.

You must check the air pressure in the bike tires before checking out because of their tires and the tubes made of rubber and despite the function of the holding in its air and porous. The best mountain bike tubes gain the loosepressure, and it is adependenttable on the bike temperature.

You oughtto check your tires before each ride to defend against squeeze flats and to safeguard your ride is smooth and efficient. Also take into interpretation your bike riding style and how durable the exterior is that your determination isriding. Another step our best mountain bike under 500 is its brakes. It is because of you choose your bike with less costly and before going to the ride you must check the breaks of your bikes, and it isaninescapable part of your bike.

If your wheel is rotating freely with no footbrake rub, squash the levers of the brake to brand sure the caliper is attractive and stopping the trundle. While you are reviewing your brakes, make sure to check the complaint of your paddles and substitute them when essential.  If you are scratchy with doing this, gross your bike into the shop and clarify the problem.

Another thing which comes into the group of your best mountain bike under 300 safety is the cable of your bike because the motorcycle is the group of the moving parts. Cleaning your bike is informal with the right tools tatters, dish soap, a bike-specific degreasing agent, a big brush, a little encounter, a sponge and restraint lube.

When you make sure that that your bike chain is clean and you also make sure the derailleur which is not going and scary noise which creates disturbance during your ride then shifting these soundcorrectly. If anything sounds fishy, take your bike to the shop and describe what kind of music you heard and where it was coming. So before go to the out you must take with yourself best mountain bike helmet.

A very rare mistake is to grab a best mountain bike helmet that rides up too in height, which won’t keep your forehead on the occasion of a wipeout. Capitalizing in, and upholding, the right bike can lead to a generation of healthy and pleasant cycling. Investing in, and upholding, the perfect bike can result in theproduction of healthy and pleasurable cycling.

5 Reasons You Need to Change You Old Sewing Machine


Sewing machines have been produced in a massive way by a lot of companies internationally. These old devices are exclusively produced even during the very old times.

There are loveliness and attractive look that adds charm to consumers who needs to purchase high quality sewing machine instruments. There are the diversity of styles and designs for you to select from.

These devices are not just for people who desires to put up a shop but also for people who just want to gather sewing machines.

During the ancient times, the variety of devices under this kind has created with the high quality of workmanship compared to sew machines that have been mass produced.

Even in current modern age Sewing machine is part of every home. But after an extended usages Sewing machine either need repairing or replacement.

There are many situations when you need to replace your old Sewing machine with the new one. A few of reasons are explained below:

Sewing Machine Is Skipping Stitches

Skipped stitches when you are in the midst of sewing are in fact very frustrating, particularly when they happen on highly visible topstitching. If you found that this happens again and again with you and the expert also not able to solve the problem, then your machine need to be the replacement.

Sewing Machine Thread Is Tangling, Bunching, or Breaking

Having the thread not help as intended is a problem that can guide to stress in the middle of those who sew. In that condition, it is better to buy the new machine and recycle the old one.


Mechanical Noises and Maintenance

If the sewing machine is making unusual noises, such as crush or banging, the engine parts may be stuck or in require of cleaning or maintenance.

Do not make use of the machine when it is operating this means, and turn off power to the device previous to inspecting the issue. Fur buildup will happen because of the constant use of fabric and thread.

Clean hair and other remains out of the machine using a brush. If after cleaning it is not working smoothly then it is suggested to replace the sew machine.

Stitching is bad or tangles up:

Machine need to be replacement when

  1. Poor thread quality or tie in the thread.
  2. The thread is enfolded around spool spindle.
  3. Mud lint, or thread in the bobbin case.
  4. Bent the needles.
  5. Needle in backwards or not pressed up all the way into needle clamp.
  6. Bent bobbin overfilled or unequally filled the bobbin.

Needle breaks:

Problems with the needle that cause the replacement of machine

  • The needle is in needle clamp too low, or needle is in backwards.
  • Needle too all right for thick fabric.
  • Top tension is too tight, or cotton wrapped around something. The needle may be in slackly.
  • The operator pulls fabric ahead of the feed dogs and causes the needle to hit the needle plate.
  • The fabric is too thick and too heavy for your machine.

So once you find that your old machine needs to be replacement do some market research and find the best machine for your usages that will go long for you.

Why You Should Change Your Old Running Shoes? 5 Reasons

Old running shoes feel comfortable to your feet but with time they tend to put your feet in difficulty. Usually, people like to use old shoes as long as they can and tend to ignore the obvious warnings that they should be replaced. As midsole of the running footwear breaks down, people still use it as it still looks good from the outside, even though midsoles are responsible for providing comfort to your feet.

Change Your Old Running Shoes

Running shoes should only be used for four hundred to five hundred miles, or you will face the consequences, and some of them are:

Losing Shock Absorbent Ability

Midsoles of most running shoes have an ability to absorb shock which is made when your feet make an impact with the ground during your running session. With time their shock-absorbent features become weak, and if shoes are not replaced, you can suffer from injuries such as shin splints which will hinder your training session. Running shoes loses about twenty-five percent of their cushioning effect after being put into use for fifty miles. Furthermore, it drops thirty-five percent of their cushioning abilities after 150 miles.

Losing Traction

Bottom of the outsoles of running shoes comes with a design which provides stability and support on different surfaces. The bottom of the outsoles provides balance during your running, so you don’t trip during your running session. Whether you run on pavement or climb a hill, these shoes will give you best support but with time they lose their ability. The rubber of outsole bottom disappears and shoes lose the capacity to provide you with the best support, and you will easily lose your balance and can get serious back and foot injuries.

Losing Shape

A perfect running shoe will snug your feet and won’t feel too loose or tight. Shoes that fit your feet perfectly will let your feet move in any direction and won’t let you fall but with time shoes lose their ability to grip your feet. With time shoes lose their perfect shape and become too loose for your feet. Furthermore, they with losing their shape, they also lose their good looks and make your feet look bad.

Losing Mesh Upper

Mesh Upper provides ventilation to your feet and prevents your feet getting affect by bacteria and fungus. With time, mesh upper develops more holes or their holes increase in size. This will make your shoes lose their water resistant abilities. You can no longer wear these shoes on a rainy day as they will easily allow water to enter into shoes.

Losing Comfort

As midsoles of running shoe breakdown after being continuously used, so it makes it difficult for midsole to provide comfort to your feet. It will only cause irritation to your feet and will only make them uncomfortable. Once comfortable midsoles will become the main culprit for causing blisters on your feet making it difficult for you to even take a walk.

The primary job of running shoes is to make sure your feet does not suffer from your running. Even most of the shoes come with strong structure, but they are not immortal. Shoes should immediately be replaced when you feel like they are not performing like they used to.